Framing outdoor spaces 2.0

Director & Producer: Anne-Sophie Rosenvinge
Director of Photography: Christopher Mertz
Editor & Colour Grade: 
Morten Svane
Additional Visuals & Drone Footage: Morten Svane
Sound Recordist: Mikael Tobias
Light: Christopher Mertz
Interviewer & Dialogue Editor: Anne-Sophie Rosenvinge
Production Assistant: Sara Dooleweerdt
Music & Sound Design: Six Bit Deep

Thanks to
Jan Gehl
Peter Bysted
Kasper Hammer
Frederikke Amalie Sølling Thomsen Natalia Lauritzen Sarah Lærke Stevens

This is the fifth of six films that ALET Agency has been commissioned to produce for the Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen, as part of a series. 'REFLECTIONS' is a series of films on the subject of light. We dive into a multitude of thoughts, ideas, perspectives and wisdom on the matter. We interview some of the most creative and passionate minds of the industry, people that are dedicated to inspire and educate within the field of light.

FRAMING OUTDOOR SPACES 2.0 Half of the time, outdoor spaces belong to the night. In the dark, light plays a major role as it can be used to create different narratives while improving surroundings to make them more adapted to human life. For more than 50 years, architect and urban design consultant Jan Gehl has been working with the points of influences where architecture directly and indirectly affects human lives, and how people use architecture and cities. Meet Jan Gehl, who shares his reflections on using light to focus on important events and creating a sense of comfortability and architect and product designer Peter Bysted, who is behind the new Bysted Garden, and other inspiring experts.

A film by ALET Agency