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Half of the time, outdoor spaces belong to the night. In the dark, light plays a major role as it can be used to create different narratives while improving surroundings to make them more adapted to human life.

Bo Concept


A campaign for BoConcept with focus on the new bridal suite designed by the world-renowned fashion designer Lars Wallin.

L'Oreal Paris


A campaign for how you define you in your own way? What does strength mean to you? Courage? Or privacy? We encourage all women to let their unique definitions of themselves shine through. Let who you are define your makeup look! You are worth it.


‘Rule Your Home’ with Marie Olsson Nylander in Palazzo Cirillo, Sicily
A campaign for introducing ARNE AKSEL into your home goes beyond the concept of introducing textiles. It's a holistic journey where we together translate and embody the soul of your space to enhance it. 


Airbnb Experiences are activities hosted by local experts that go beyondtypical tours or classes by immersing guests in a host's unique world.


A film about what you can experience and see at the city archive of Copenhagen.


A campaign of 9 SoMe films for the 22' collection of Georg Jensen.


What are the benefits of being a member of Finansforbundet?

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